Jakarta is sinking

A study by the World Bank indicates that Indonesia’s capital will be flooded by December 6th 2025. Global warming results in rising sea levels which threaten many coastal areas around the globe, but Jakarta’s problem is that it is sinking. Jakarta was founded on marshes by the Dutch centuries ago and today’s  construction boom is not suitable for Jakarta’s soft ground. The severe flood Jakarta faced in 2007 can be seen as a herald of future threat and should dispose the administration to invest in adequate flood prevention and to supervise the further development of the city.





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2 responses to “Jakarta is sinking

  1. Iolana

    Wow, this is pretty scary news! Glad I don’t live there.

  2. Hedieh

    Wow,sehr furchtbar . I am happy that I am not an Indonesian .Certainly if I was I would go to another country .

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