Climate bomb ticking in Siberia

With Siberia’s permafrost thawing, methane, which is stored in the form of ice in the Arctic sea and in permafrost soil, will be released into the atmosphere and accelerate global warming. Methane is a much more aggressive greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide is and researchers found evidence that the frozen methane has started to melt and is rising into the atmosphere. If all the methane from Siberia is released, this will have a disastrous impact on the climate.

On the other hand, methane can be used as a source of energy to power homes or to fuel cars. The first biogas-driven cars can already be seen in Germany, where some farmers collect the methane gas from cattle-breeding.,1518,547976,00.html



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2 responses to “Climate bomb ticking in Siberia

  1. Hedieh

    That was all usefull and right .You had explaned the problem with the Climet very good.I have learnd many things from it. Keep on your job 😉

  2. Hedieh

    That is a good text .I have learned many thing from it. You had explaned the problem with the climate very good.

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