Flying on the ground – but no further flying in Germany! III

The Transrapid story and its undeserving end in Germany.

– Series

III: The German government is also to be blamed.

The Transrapid would not only have been a flagship project for Bavaria, but for Germany and its industry. It would not only have been a benefit to those traveling to Munich’s airport. It’s safe and friendly to the environment, convenient and fast, and a potential export hit.

The consequences of this unfortunate decision might not be known yet, but it will probably result in huge financial losses for Germany when the technology is turned into a success by somebody else and it will humble further innovations and encourage the emigration of innovation. That’s for sure!

The German government failed to support the project with further money. They are either misers or not aware of the importance of this technology for the transportation sector in general and for Germany. Such an industry would create many jobs which don’t seem to be needed here, do they?  And not to forget the money that would flow back to German treasury. I’m sure it would be well worth the outlay.


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