The Baltic Sea – “One of the most polluted seas in the world.”

The Baltic Sea is a brackish inland sea located in the northeast of Europe. It has a very low average depth, thus it contains not more water than Lake Baikal.

Pollution is a severe threat to its ecosystem, fishery and tourism. Massive algae blooms occur regularly and a dangerous species of jellyfish is spreading. Tons of waste from agriculture, industry, shipping and sewage spoil the sea in addition to thousands of chemical weapons remaining on its ground from WWII. Overfishing puts it over the edge. The people living in the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea should be worried about its alarming state. And fortunately action is taken. A treaty to recreate the sea and to dilute its spill was signed last month.  Lots of efforts will have to be taken to improve the situation. The major objectives are reducing agricultural and industrial runoff and conserving the Baltic Sea’s fish stocks.

Hopefully, the measures to keep the situation from getting out of control are put into action and the Baltic Sea will recover to serve as a healthy ecosystem and recreation area.,1518,524139,00.html


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