Germany to focus on windpower instead of biofuels

As biofuels made of food crop are facing fierce criticism recently, the German federal government had to abandon its plan to make it compulsory to add 10% of biofuel to gasoline. Besides, the increased proportion of biofuel in gasoline could have harmed the motors of hundreds of thousands of elderly cars.

To meet the ambitious targets for CO2 reductions without the help of biofuels, Germany’s environment secretary announced further support for wind energy.  This should be done like it’s already done without state subsidies but with the help of regulated payments for electricity out of alternative energies which is fed into the grid at a fixed price far above the current market price. This measure was introduced with the Renewable Energy Sources Act in 2000 to encourage investments in alternative energies and to guarantee the amortization of the technology. Now, the price electricity companies have to pay for fed in wind power is to be increased to encourage even further investments in wind energy. However, this won’t work as easily as in the last years, because most space which is suitable for windmills is already used for wind energy production. The next step would be offshore wind parks as they can be seen in Denmark or Sweden.


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