EU climate dictatorship will fail and isn’t of any help either

European climate policy is all about regulating and defining standards. The European Commission is going mad when climate issues are concerned and eagerly tries to force all Europeans to buy the one and only European standard green(washed) car in the future. The Commission regulates each component of a car – be it the air conditioning, the engine, the tires, the braking system, the safety system or any kind of on-board device. Their next step will be to dictate how auto manufacturers have to design their advertisements.

All this nonsense prevents any form of competition of ideas and innovation in auto manufacturing. The EU hinders the function of the free market. Ever more expensive gasoline inevitably forces auto manufacturers to produce cars which consume as less gasoline as possible as most people can’t afford driving gas-guzzling cars anymore. Besides, auto manufacturers are now forced to make their cars conform to the EU regimentation rather than to focus on coming up with fresh ideas and concepts of more efficient cars which don’t reduce the pleasure of driving. If an automanufacturer fails to reduce its fleet consumption, severe punishments will follow. Countries which host producers of smaller cars like France and Italy could use this tool to distort competition by harming competitors which traditionally produce larger vehicles like most German manufacturers. It’s not surprising that small cars need less gasoline than larger ones, but this unfair practice does not encourage innovation or the improvement of efficiency in the sector of small cars which are often less efficient than larger ones. The EU should set targets for efficiency and encourage the auto manufacturers to find ways to meet these targets in an adequate timeframe. Hasty greenwashing won’t help the climate nor the people – as it is the case with the EU’s ambitious but stupid biofuel plans. All auto manufacturers should have to increase the efficiency of their cars without considering the total consumption or the total emissions.


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