International Aerospace Exhibition ILA 2008 in Berlin


The ILA 2008 air show opened on Tuesday in Berlin. It is among the largest and most important airshows in the world and is held biannually. It takes place on the southern section of Berlin’s Schoenefeld Airport which is will be the future Berlin Brandenburg International airport and replace the two other airports of the German capital. The focus of interest is on efficiency and alternative fuels. Several planemakers from around the world present their latest and most prestigious planes. The world’s largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380 was on the show on Tuesday as well several demonstrator planes which use alternative fuels.

Airbus presented a version of its A320 plane which uses fuel cells to power some of its steering systems. Boeing brought along a one-seater which uses fuel cells and batteries to fly. Another concept presented at the show is to run aircraft with fuel made from algae. The Dutch airline KLM announced that it will run a pilot project with an aircraft burning algae kerosene mixed with conventional fuel.

 This years exhibition reached new heights with 1,127 exhibitors from 37 countries and more than 300 aircraft on the show. Among the airplanes presented are numerous historic planes, military planes, cargo and passenger planes, helicopters and many more. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift, German chancellor Angela Merkel met an American airlift veteran.


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