Greetings from Berlin

The weather  is nice, it’s short after sunrise and I’m looking forward to another great day in Berlin. Though I’ve already been here several times, arriving at Berlin’s new ultramodern central railway station and having an amazing view on the German parliament – the Bundestag – is again and again a great experience.

Taking a ride on the metropolitan transport lines is a great opportunity to get a first impression of the numerous historic sights which give a first insight of the historic legacy of the city. Berlin has been the largest city in Germany for centuries and was the capital of the Kingdom of Prussia, the German Empire, the Weimar Republic, the Third Reich, Eastern Germany and since 1999, Berlin is again the capital of the reunified Germany. There are architectural highlights from all periods – ranging from the Brandenburg Gate and the palace Schloss Charlottenburg to the TV Tower which used to be a landmark and symbol for Eastern Berlin and all the new buildings that were built after the Berlin Wall had fallen and a lot of space in the city center which had been border area became available for ambitious construction projects. The famous architect Sir Norman Foster led the reconstruction of the Reichstag building after the German parliament decided to make Berlin the German capital again. The dome at the top of the building makes to German Bundestag an interesting sight for tourists as a magnificent 360° view of central Berlin can be enjoyed for free. Especially at night it’s great to lie down on the seats at the to of the dome and to see the illuminated cityscape at night. On the very top of the dome there’s a hole. However, even when there are heavy rains, the interior of the dome is likely to remain dry as the hole is used to draw off the air from the main hall of the parliament below.

Another new sight is the square Potsdamer Platz which is within walking distance from the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. The square had been left desolate after WWII as it was straight next to the Wall. After Berlin had become the German capital again, Potsdamer Platz was one of the most attractive locations in Berlin and became an impressive sight with modern office towers, the European headquarters of Sony and a major train station.


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