The new building of the U.S. embassy in Berlin is to be opened on July 4th on its historic site

Walking along Boulevard Unter den Linden in Berlin towards the Pariser Platz square and the Brandenburg Gate is really impressive. Along the street there are luxury boutiques, tourist stores, the  Humboldt University and the Berlin State Opera. At the Pariser Platz square is the famous Hotel Adlon, the British, French and now again the Embassy of the United States of America. The new embassy building is straight next to the Brandenburg Gate  which is one of Berlin’s most famous sights as it witnessed Napoleon marching through it in 1806, the rise and demise of the Prussian empire, the direful times of the Nazi regime, the division of Berlin into East and West by the Berlin Wall which ran straight behind the gate, the fall of the Wall and the German reunification. As the new embassy is the only major U.S. embassy opened after 9/11 it is designed to be the safest and best protected, most expensive and best-located embassy in Berlin. The State Department has spent more than € 83 million to make the embassy, which had been on the same site before WWII, unique and adequate for representing the United States on this historic and symbolic site in the heart of Berlin.  The architects Moore Ruble Yudell from Santa Barbara, California, have designed this prestigious building. Though the new embassy building received partly heavy criticism for being a kind of Fort Knox in Berlin and rather be suitable for Baghdad’s green zone than for Berlin with all the security measures taken, I think that the elegant and modern building is fitting perfectly into the unique setting of the Pariser Platz.


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