Several electric cars are to go on sale in 2009 – amongst some top-speed sports cars

Most major car makers are pushing forward their electric car models in order to launch them as early as possible. Electric cars are already competitive with gasoline-driven cars amid record oil prices and are at a point of development where they can outperform cars with combustion engines in many respects.

Mitsubishi Motors will push up the retail release of its iMiEV electric car and will start selling it in 2009, one year ahead of schedule due to a high interest and Mitsubishi’s ambition to maintain its front-runner position. The car will be able to travel about 160 kilometers on a charge and can be recharged by connecting it to ordinary household outlets. The car will cost a minimum of $23,420 which is quite a lot of money for the mini vehicle, but the costs of running the car will be as little as a tenth of the costs for ordinary gasoline-driven cars. Electric cars like the iMiEV are perfectly suitable for short-distance driving in urban areas. As it’s obvious that electric vehicles will be the future of commuting, Mitsubishi plans to set up together with Tokyo Electric Power Co. rapid chargers. Mitsubishi aims at selling 2,000 units in 2009 and to increase the sales of its iMiEV up to 10,000 units by 2011.

Electric cars help to reduce gasoline bills and to drive without polluting the environment at the same time. Therefore, some Arkansas police chiefs are considering using electric cars for patrols as there’s great potential for cutting gasoline expenditures.

And electric cars can appeal to affluent and passionate drivers, too. The British Lightning Car Company has designed an electric sports car that can reach a top-speed of 130 mph with a total output of 700 bhp and will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in only 4 seconds. The car has a range of 200 miles on a single battery charge. High power charging points which could be set up at supermarkets and service stations could charge the state-of-the-art pack of 30 batteries in just a few minutes. The expected price is to be about £130,000 . The car maker expects that the average London commuter could save £17,000 a year in comparison with gasoline-driven cars by avoiding congestion charges as well as road, car and fuel taxes. The recharging can be done overnight using cheap off-peak electricity.’s-first-electric-super-car,-with-a-top-speed-of-130mph,-launched-this-month.html

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