BMW will make the electric Mini


As all major car makers are planning to launch electric cars within the next two years, BMW wants to catch up. The Munich-based car maker was focused on hydrogen for a long time, but this technology seems to be decades away. BMW announced that it will build an electric version of its Mini cooper. Over the next year, a fleet of several hundred electric Minis will be used to test the car. The first electric Mini cars will go to California as car makers need to meet the target of 7,500 non-polluting cars by 2014. Norbert Reithofer, the CEO of BMW, said: “This step will allow the BMW Group to gain an initial knowledge of how mobility can be achieved efficiently using purely electrically powered vehicles.” “Our task here is to combine the ultimate driving experience with an efficient electrified drive with practically no emissions.”

By the end of the year, BMW will announce details about the batteries that will be used and the marketing concept.

BMW’s electric Mini would be another example for how fashionable electric cars can be. And BMW could also prove that driving an electric car can be as much fun as driving a gasoline-driven one.


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