Wrong-Way Driver Germany

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With growing concerns about our dependence on fossil fuel imports and the threat of global warming, nuclear power turns out to be a powerful opportunity to combat both. Electricity is the best form of energy we have as it can easily be transported, the infrastructure is already existent, it can be converted into other forms of energy with a high efficiency and electricity will power the cars of the future – electric cars! Nuclear power plants have zero carbon dioxide emissions and state-of-the-art reactors meet the highest safety standards. Though the issue of the ultimate disposal of nuclear waste is not yet solved, nuclear power in general can be considered safe, friendly to the environment and extremely cost-effective. To no one’s surprise, most heads of state have come to the conclusion that nuclear power is the form of energy generation with the greatest potential in the short and medium term. All the same, Germany considers its nuclear phase-out as the green master plan. Consequently, all renewable energies contributing to the German energy mix will have to fill the capacity gap left behind by nuclear power plants taken offline. Besides, numerous coal-fired power plants are under construction in Germany, though this is definitely the most harmful form of energy generation in terms of sustainability.


In this brilliant article, Hans-Werner Sinn, the president of the Munich-based Ifo Institute for economic research, criticizes the ignorance of German energy policy.

More on energy and nuclear power:

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