I’ll take a summer break…

Since April 15th, I’ve tried to keep you up-to-date with information, news and insights on important issues and developments worldwide. As I’m constantly learning when I’m blogging, I’ll keep improving the quality of my posts. The first month was tough with only 10 to 20 visitors a day, so I’m happy that this number has meanwhile gone up to 70 to 150 visitors a day. Now I’ll take a summer break and spend a few weeks in Miami, Florida, to refresh my mind and gain new impressions. I’ll be back in mid-September and I’ll continue blogging.

For the upcoming weeks, there are two issues that could have a significant impact on the course the global economy takes.

First, the further development of energy prices. Will oil prices keep falling or will they just take a break on their march towards $200 a barrel? Could the violent tensions between  Georgia and Russia threaten oil supplies to Europe, fuel political tensions between the U.S., the EU and Russia, Europe’s major energy supplier and therefore drive up energy prices?

Second, it’s interesting to see which way China will take after the Olympic Games. Could the next global superpower be overwhelmed with interior problems ranging from inequality in wealth to devastating environmental pollution? Will Chinese competitiveness nosedive with rising labor costs?

As you can see, the next months will turn out to be crucial for the further development. After all, we are on the verge of a coming up fundamental transition. Energy is the topic of our times. Given that energy prices are soaring and will remain high in the medium-term, energy efficiency will become vital. We’ll experience an era of technical innovation. Completely new forms of housing and driving will evolve. Electric cars are the first large-scale step of this transition. At first, I was really astonished by the huge interest in this topic. The three most successful posts ever are all about electric cars. Increasingly, electric cars will become part of our everyday life. Of course, there are yet some obstacles to be resolved, but those pessimists who rule out the breakthrough of alternatives to the combustion engine within the next decade will finally be overwhelmed by the dynamism of this development.

I advise you to check out these posts which I think capture the essence of what’s going on and what’s ahead:

The Air Car could revolutionize transportation – an electric car without an electric motor
– most successful post ever, as far as I know, the only article on the web giving a comprehensive overview of cars driven by nothing but pure air, including the outstanding Di Pietro  motor.

Electric cars:

Electric vehicles are competitive with gasoline-diven vehicles
The electric car revolution is about to happen
All major auto-manufacturers are designing their own electric cars
Gasoline prices in the U.S. have recently hit record levels, but there are many countries where drivers are paying much more




Electric cars have to be expensive? – Not necessarily!
China, India and other countries subsidizing gasoline to keep domestic prices down are forced to embrace electric cars
Nissan wants to become the Japanese front-runner in electric car technology
Drivers are ready for electric cars
Tough luck for Ford – how a former subsidiary could revolutionize the auto industry
First German offshore wind farm shows the huge potential of electric cars in terms of efficiency and stability of the power grid
Electric micro-cars are perfect as neigbhorhood cars and major car makers should offer several EV models to provide cars for many purposes
India’s Tata Motors and the Malaysian national carmaker Proton to launch electric cars soon
The electric car – the last sign of hope for troubled U.S. car makers?
The electric car on the fast track 
The heart of the electric car – battery manufacturers are courted by car makers
Air batteries could lead to the breakthrough of electric cars
Preparing the introduction of the cars of the future
Finally, even Chrysler switches to electric cars
Portugal to join Israel and Denmark to be among the first countries shifting to electric cars on a grand scale
Several electric cars are to go on sale in 2009 – amongst some top-speed sports cars
G8 embracing electric and hybrid cars to halve CO2 emissions by 2050
Mediterranean Union will feature flagship initiatives such as solar energy development in sunny North Africa


Has the bubble popped?

Oil will become even more expensive, a coming up fundamental transition – scary news
Wrong-Way Driver Germany
To avoid a climate catastrophe, $45 trillion need to be spend
Getting money for consuming electricity? – That’s indeed possible!
China’s green skyscraper
The era of cheap air fares is over as oil spikes to record levels and several airlines won’t survive this unprecedented crisis
Air France turns to trains as regional operations are becoming less profitable
Today, for the first time in Europe CO2 gas was injected below the surface at Europe’s first CO2 stoaring test facility in Germany
Bio fuel out of orange peels
Saudi Arabia boosting its oil production might not even bring short-term relief
Vancouver is a leader in hydroelectric power and seeks to become one of the greenest cities of the world
Masdar City – carbon-free city in the UAE

Anything else that matters…

Is a global water crisis looming?

An amazing airline! – Air Asia, the Asian low cost pioneer
Internet capacity could strike in 2010 – big slowdown expected
Internet traffic relies on undersea cables – vulnerable to attacks?
Dongtan eco-city yet another showcase project promoting sustainability in China?
Irish voters throwing back Europe and shooting themselves in the foot by killing the EU reform treaty

I hope you all keep reading my posts and leave comments as soon as I continue to write in September. Best wishes to all of you!



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