The new generation of cars – Chrysler is going to reveal its electric car models to dealers

Chrysler which was late to start developing electric vehicles (Finally, even Chrysler switches to electric cars) announced that it would unveil its business strategies to its dealers. Electric cars seem to be an essential part of Chrysler’s business strategies –  the very survival of the automaker could depend on these!

Apparently, Chrysler has been working on plug-in electric vehicles, but the company does not provide many details. When should these new cars hit the market? Will they be all-electric or semi-electric with a range extender like the Chevrolet Volt? What will the driving range be? Will their price be competitive with the one of conventional cars? Will these new cars fit into Chrysler’s product lineup which relies on SUVs and pickups that make up 70% of Chrysler’s cars. Will Chrysler – prompted by nosedived sales numbers – change its product lineup essentially and shift away from gas-guzzlers?

Of course, there’s lots of economical potential when introducing electric motors to SUVs and pickups who have an enormous gasoline consumption. But on the other hand, this could turn out ot be a major hindrance for a sufficient driving range.

How challenging ever this might be, Chrysler has at least the chance to find costumers for its new products.

Alan Helfman, vice president of River Oaks Chrysler Jeep in Houston, said: “This new generation of cars, from what I’ve been hearing, are the next generation of electric cars. They should be great sellers”


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