History being made – a once in a lifetime election

Today’s election has definitely captured the attention of the whole world. There is a lot of excitement within and without the United States. Looking at the latest polls, it is likely that Senator Barack Obama wins with a comfortable lead over Republican John McCain, though polls can never be relied on. Nevertheless, I am sure that there won’t be anything like a “Bradley effect” this time. At this moment in history, there are issues that weigh more than skin color or party affiliation. The majority of early voters polled voted for Obama. If Obama wins tonight, he will be the first African-American president of the United States. But above that, he symbolizes a new era of politics. His message of change in line with his charismatic personality inspired millions of voters. He raised more than $600 million and his passionate supporters worked hard in all states to make potential voters register. Undoubtedly, Barack Obama is a magnetic figure and this gonna be a remarkable election. Thus, it’s no surprise that voter turnout is expected to be considerably higher than usually. In next few hours, the first exit polls could give a glimpse of who’s ahead. Obama is sure to get a boost from first time voters. Right now, I’m watching CNN newsanchors playing with their high-tech equipment on which they appear to be very proud of, most interesting a huge touch screen – very entertaining. To no ones’ surprise, the economy is still issue #1. This afternoon, the McCain campaign launched a final robocall especially in southern Florida in Spanish, warning voters that former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, amongst other rather socialist South American leaders like Hugo Chavez from Venezuela,  allegedly endorsed Obama. Even if this were true, I despise this action and I am convinced that this is completely irrelevant.

The bottom line is, by the end of this day, voters will have chosen a new president , giving the world’s most powerful nation new political energy and hopefully new optimism.


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