I’m just one of the hundreds of millions of people from around the world who have witnessed Obama’s inauguration on TV and are enthusiastic and full of hope.  Since the entire world has been looking forward to this historic day, Obama probably had the biggest audience a TV broadcast has ever had so far.

President Barack Obama’s inaugural speech was absolutely amazing. First, it was really refreshing to hear a speech largely written by the speaker himself. Second, Mr. Obama addressed all major issues that will require his attention during his term as president of the United States. After he had mentioned what he is concerned about and what are the challenges facing the USA and the world in these times, President Obama highlighted that he’s determined to solve the problems. It is important that the current situation allows that unpleasant decisions can be passed more easily and quickly. Next to creating new jobs he is willing to “lay a new foundation for growth”. Unlike other heads of state, Obama appears to be aware that the number one objective should be to create new jobs and not protect existing  jobs. No country could afford to keep industries alive that have become uncompetitive. Even if the financial means were available, that would harm the innovative potential. As old industries are dying, new ones are emerging. I’m pretty sure that energy technology has the potential to create the most new jobs as well as to serve as a foundation of new prosperity.

Starting tomorrow morning, the Obama administration will begin working to improve health care, get the economy working again, address global warming and the energy issue. Furthermore, President Obama has the capacity to restore America’s reputation in the world, build alliances and avert conflicts.


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