President Obama: the right person at the right time

This is definitely a historic day. This is the day Barack Obama takes office as the first African-American president of the United States of America. But far beyond that, Obama is the person who is most likely to bring about the change that this crisiss-torn planet desperately needs. Moreover, Obama can turn this crisis into an opportunity. Given the enormous importance the coming years will have on the course of history, I’m hopeful because Barack Obama appears to be the person who is capable of managing this crisis and bring the country back on track.

There are many people who breathe a sigh of relief since still President Bush leaves the White House forever. The world economy has barely been in such a bad shape as today. The global crisis affects all parts of the world which is unprecedented. Governments around the world are accumulating giant budget deficits in their struggle to avert a collapse of their economies. Power and influence have begun to shift eastwards, as wealth spreads eastwards and the Western nations have become dependent on oil and gas.

The U.S. in particular is facing one of the most challenging economic times since the Great Depression. Nevertheless, there can be hope that the negative trends of the past decades will be reversed. The bright side is that in times of crisis, there’s much more acceptance for fundamental reforms and restructuring measures. To adress the big issues of our life time, energy and global warming, Obama has the best conditions to work towards a solution to both problems and simoultaneously create a new source of wealth.

All the best to President Obama!


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