California is running out of liquid resources, literally.

My comment on The Huffington Post article “Schwarzenegger Declares California Drought Emergency“:

California is running out of liquid resources, literally.
The “Golden State” fails to balance its budget and in addition, the worst drought in decades forces utilities to restrict water use. The Californian governments have failed to raise taxes where necessary and cut unnecessary spending. Now the state is in that dire financial straits that even schools have to scale back. That’s ashaming and undermining efforts to prepare American kids for the challenges of a 21st century global economy. While public spending in CA has got out of control in the last decade, the country’s water infrastructure is chronically overburdened and rusting away. Central Valley farmers will have to turn to smart irrigation technologies that could help to save immediately 40% of the water required today to maintain the soil productivity of the San Joaquin Valley.
While droughts and wildfires will occur much more frequently in the future due to the impact of global warming, California should turn to the sun for future growth. The energy technology sector is a unique opportunity for Silicon Valley. Thin-film solar panels could cover sky scrapers in L.A. as well as roof shopping mall parking lots. If outlets were installed at most retail parking lots in CA, the batteries of electric cars could be recharged while drivers are doing their shopping. President Obama recently made it clear that energy will be one of his top priorities.



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2 responses to “California is running out of liquid resources, literally.

  1. Just passing by.Btw, your website have great content!

  2. This has been on my mind. You’re right: solar would be sensible and prudent.

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