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Splitting GM into a good and a bad company

Today, a few newspapers trying to interpret Obama’s remarks on the auto industry make me feel like the President’s auto task force is planning to do exactly what I wrote on November 30th, 2008. Searching Google News you’ll find numerous articles claiming that Obama wants to split General Motors into a “good company” and a “bad company”.

–>>>>> How to save the American auto industry? No time for baby steps!


GM Europe's Opel brand


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April 6th – 15th: reporting from Singapore

From April 6th to April 15th, I’ll keep you up-to-date with first hand information about Singapore – Southeast Asia’s business hub.

For more information about Singapore, read this post from my new blog:

Singapore determined to master the storm

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Solar Islands, a smart concept – but is it feasible?

Read the entire post on my new blog: Solar Islands, a smart concept – but is it feasible?

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The Battery Revolution


MIT researchers unveiled a new invention yesterday that would allow to charge lithium-ion batteries about 100 times quicker than at present. The new batteries could be used in cell phones, laptops, …  and electric cars.

This breakthrough in battery technology can finally remove the last hindrance to the success of electric cars by eliminating the perception of the limited driving. Owners of electric cars will soon be able to recharge their car within a few minutes when they run out of power.

read the entire post: The Battery Breakthrough

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“America’s best days lie ahead”, Warren Buffett

I totally agree with Warren Buffett that “America’s best days lie ahead“. The extraordinary challenges facing the U.S. at the moment are unprecedented, but the current crisis is also an opportunity for America to reinvent itself and emerge stronger. America can lead the green energy revolution, create millions of jobs and counteract global warming.

Since no country is immune to the global economic crisis, there’s no shift of power or something similar. There’s no country that could become nearly as powerful as the United States – not even in the long term. When you take look at the following table, you’ll see that America’s share of the world’s GDP is extremely huge in comparison with all other countries. Though China has surpassed Germany – and is about to surpass Japan in the not-too-distant future – to be the world’s third-largest economy, the United States is by far the largest economy in the world. China and America should seek to become partners which is in their best interests. Both countries would benefit from intense cooperation and mutual support. Moreover, the old and the new global superpower could help to stabilize the world and bring peace to unstable regions.

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