“America’s best days lie ahead”, Warren Buffett

I totally agree with Warren Buffett that “America’s best days lie ahead“. The extraordinary challenges facing the U.S. at the moment are unprecedented, but the current crisis is also an opportunity for America to reinvent itself and emerge stronger. America can lead the green energy revolution, create millions of jobs and counteract global warming.

Since no country is immune to the global economic crisis, there’s no shift of power or something similar. There’s no country that could become nearly as powerful as the United States – not even in the long term. When you take look at the following table, you’ll see that America’s share of the world’s GDP is extremely huge in comparison with all other countries. Though China has surpassed Germany – and is about to surpass Japan in the not-too-distant future – to be the world’s third-largest economy, the United States is by far the largest economy in the world. China and America should seek to become partners which is in their best interests. Both countries would benefit from intense cooperation and mutual support. Moreover, the old and the new global superpower could help to stabilize the world and bring peace to unstable regions.

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  1. Horatio

    I agree with the premise of your argument. But the US must not look to China for support. If America thinks is can create a great partnership with intense cooperation and mutual support with China, it is very deluded. China’s mindset which is true of the Chinese tradition is more in line with the ideals of Nazi Germany prior to World War 2. China has no conception of human rights or the European model of mutual support. The current regime seems more in line with defending itself again the Mongrel invaders. I would not be surprised if China attempts to purge its country of foreign businesses with the next decade.

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