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Research Paper “On the Threshold to a New Energy Age” and Survey Results

As part of the research for my research paper “On the Threshold to a New Energy Age“, I conducted a survey in order to find out how “prepared” people are for the transition to a new age of energy generation and use as well as to gather opinions on current trends in energy issues.

In the coming days I will publish the results of the question-by-question analysis. The questionnaire contained 14 questions. 73 people took part in my survey. More than three quarters of participants came from the United States. I interviewed the remaining quarter in Japan, Singapore, Germany and Portugal.

All questionnaires had been distributed and returned between April 2009 and September 2009.

You can find the survey results on the Main Menu page “Energy Survey”:

Check out the  ‘RP: New Energy Age’ Category for the downloadable version of my 50-page research paper and further commentary on the survey results:


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Tesla and Daimler teaming up

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new U.S. fuel economy standards

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Obama ends the dominance of gas guzzlers on U.S. streets (

Crude Oil Price Chart 1998 – 2009: Facing the inevitable – oil prices are bound to rise

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Splitting GM into a good and a bad company

Today, a few newspapers trying to interpret Obama’s remarks on the auto industry make me feel like the President’s auto task force is planning to do exactly what I wrote on November 30th, 2008. Searching Google News you’ll find numerous articles claiming that Obama wants to split General Motors into a “good company” and a “bad company”.

–>>>>> How to save the American auto industry? No time for baby steps!


GM Europe's Opel brand

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